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5 star review  I would like to start by thanking Mr. Joe, Mrs. Amy and the rest of the staff for such a great outcome in the funeral service they provided for our family member. Loosing a love one can be such a hard and sad situation. But I am just very thankful that this wonderful funeral home made the process very easy for us. They were very attentive since day one. Always paying attention to detail and what we wanted for the service to be like. We also appreciate such wonderful ideas, that really did help alot! The Delgado family and the Ramirez family will always be grateful to every single person who made this possible because everything we asked for was given to us and much more. We couldn't have found a better place to have the service at. Thank you for treating us not like another customer but more like a family member. If you ever need a service for a love one this is the place to go, we recommended 100%. Thank you again Joseph B.Paul Jr. Funeral Service.

thumb Leticia Perez
March 29, 2022

5 star review  The family of Janie Pruitt Bell would like to thank Joe Paul, Amy Parker, Dennis Robertson, Fletcher Adams, and the remaining staff for their professionalism and compassion following our loss. Everyone was extremely helpful and kind. Thank you.

thumb Kathy Pruitt
January 29, 2022

5 star review  My mom passed in February of 2021. I called Joe and he was right there to help me with everything. He gives great service and you will not be disappointed. I also used his services for my grandmother and uncle. He is a great guy and will go out of the way to assist with anything that comes up. So trust me call him for all your funeral needs. I am going to do pre-planning for myself with him too.

thumb Timothy Greer
December 29, 2021

5 star review  My father recently passed, and the family quickly came together to help my mother plan the funeral. I must admit that I had concerns going into the first meeting with Joe Paul and the team at Joseph B Paul Funeral Services. I wanted to give my father the funeral he requested prior to his passing and support my mother. I walked into the first meeting with assumptions and expectations. I found that many of my assumptions were somewhat misguided, and my expectations were exceeded … even greatly exceeded.

Joe, Dennis, Fletcher, and the Joseph B Paul team were fantastic. They were very attentive to our needs and respectful to the family during such a difficult time. Both Joe and Dennis made changes along the way to accommodate the family’s needs, provided excellent contacts in the community to help the family with other topics beyond the funeral arrangements, and calmly addressed a few surprises along the way (cemetery had improperly filed a few documents and initially had difficulty identifying the location of the plot). They were also extremely supportive throughout the process, for example, being very patient with us when compiling the photos for the video (thanks Fletcher!). Joe followed up several times to get the death certificate and was very transparent throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Most importantly, Joe and Dennis attended to the family’s emotional needs. The entire team was always calm, respectful, and empathetic. We felt that they genuinely cared about the family and giving my father the funeral he deserved. They even helped us laugh a little bit.

I give them my highest recommendation. Expectations exceeded.

Albert C Everson, Jr.

thumb Paige Everson
November 29, 2021

5 star review  My experience with Joe Paul and his team is more than I can express. They went above and beyond to make sure that all our needs and requests were met in the most kind way. I love every employee that works there. Joe, Dennis, Fletcher, Josh and Amy thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for the superb service you provided during such a difficult time and loss.

thumb Robyn
October 29, 2021

5 star review  First and foremost this funeral service is THE ONLY one my entire family will ever use as long as its remotely close to the deceased member. I sat down with Joe Paul Jr. with my two older brothers and at first it was formal and business like. Once we discussed who we were, who we were kind to, who our family was Joe made us feel like a member of his family. He personally knew alot of my family. We decided to honor my dads wishes and "Throw him in a pine box," we had discussed with my dad and my dad's wishes were for use to bury him as cheap as possible.
Joe felt the need to upgrade our service and provide us with a full graveside service.
My brothers and I felt like Joe was one of our uncles or something. Great guy, Great family business, Great employees that he considers family. I grew up in this small town and felt right at home. If your trying to decide what funeral service to use, TRUST ME PLEASE. There is no other place to use in Eastern NC that is going to provide you with TOP NOTCH service for your time of need. Joseph B. Paul Jr. uses all his experience from the formerly run Paul Funeral home to provide a professional and considerate service.

thumb Steven Smith
October 29, 2021

5 star review  In the middle of September, I suddenly, in a week's time, had my husband and daughter succumb to the Covid virus and both passed away on the same day. A couple a days before that, I realized things were probably going to end for both of them really soon! Besides the shock and much sadness about the possibility they would die, I knew I had to arrange, not one, but 2 funerals!

We had not attended to end of life issues very well. I really needed help from a reliable funeral service to help me in my particular situation, and quick! I called Joe Paul and asked him what he could do for me. He said let's sit down, I'll help you any way I can.

From that minute he and his staff, Amy, Fletcher, Jay, and Josh never let me worry about anything I asked them about. The guidance I got from Joe was the easiest thing, even though, I felt like I was certainly going to frustrate them the way I wanted things to be right for my 2 family members. That was so important to me! I wanted them honored at the end of their life. Joe guided me every step by first, telling me the options I could choose. By him talking so personally with me about his own experiences and me to him about mine, I was able to choose the best way for us. I am at much peace about how it ended on the day of our private family memorial.

I think I called about something everyday, either, to ask them to change something or add to the obituary, or add more photos to the tributes. Fletcher is a professional in that! Amy, Jay and Josh were so patient with adding and changing things and they made sure I was happy with the written obituaries.

I trusted Josh and Jay, also, to pick up my loved ones, once I got to know
them. That really mattered to me! I think they respect everyone when doing their jobs.

I know I've left something out, but, they did so many things for me and very professionally, even, at my home during the memorial, they were there to assist anyway we needed. To me, they all went above and beyond their job. I recommend them to anyone when needing funeral services! Thank you all!

thumb jeanette wallace
October 29, 2021

5 star review  Joe Paul and everyone that we had dealings with treated us very well. From the time the doors were opened for us we received all of help that we needed. Fletcher and Dennis answered all of my questions with nothing but respect. I would highly recommend this funeral home for your needs when needed. Everything was done as professional as could be. Everyone always had a smile and made you feel good even when your heart was heavy and full of sorrow. My brother was Dennis “Booboo” Harding

thumb Lynell Toler
September 29, 2021

5 star review  Joe, Amy, and all the staff at Joseph B Paul Jr funeral home went above and beyond to help my family with trying to find some sense of closure with the recent loss of our son. To my surprise, Joe provided all of their services free of charge. These are wonderful people. God bless y’all.

thumb Dillon Bunch
August 29, 2021

5 star review  Josh did a truly wonderful and amazing job handling my mom's funeral. My mom passed unexpectedly, and I wasn't sure which funeral home to go with. Had a few people that had recommended Joseph B. Paul's Jr funeral home. I am very glad I decided to go with them, they were so pleasant and everything was beautiful. I would definitely go with Josh again if I had to do it all over again.  I will definitely recommend Josh and Joseph B. Paul's funeral home. Thank you Josh for making the hardest worst day of my life just a little easier. I definitely don't regret using your service.

thumb Everyday Life With Savannah
June 29, 2021